Pushing the envelope

40TonPressBrakeWe really gave the 40-ton press brake I made at work the ultimate test this past week. One of the trucks that carries the roll-off tanks came in with a damaged rear bumper. The clearance was too low wherever he was driving and mangled the whole thing pretty bad.

These bumpers are made out of 1″ thick brackets, 

So my co-worker cut off the cross-section pieces that were too far gone to salvage and asks if we can bend the vertical brackets back straight. Hmmm. Well, let’s try. We popped the punches out of the press brake, shimmed the brackets underneath to give us a little more room on the bottomside, and my co-worker pictured here applies huge amounts of pressure (both jacks initially to get it started, then 1 jack to give it a final tweak).

Didn’t even need to heat up the pieces with a torch. Took a little less than five minutes to cold bend back both brackets back straight again.


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