Square peg in a square hole

I’m still getting familiar with milling on the drill press.  I did some work on a test piece of 1 1/4″ old steel round rod to cut a flat spot on the side.  Not great as you can see by the jagged cuts in the surface which means something in the drill press assembly is still moving around a little.

The next day a co-worker asked me to make a square hole in a bracket for a handle on one of the belt presses we’re redoing.  This handle is moving around a little from vibrations and in turn adjusting the pressure of the hydraulics which isn’t good.  The bracket to is keep the handle from turning.  The square hole was over-sized a little, but still worked for our purposes.

Another co-worker was getting the torch out to heat up and bend some 5/8″ round rod to use as a handle on a BBQ pit.  I reminded him of the press brake in the corner of the shop. 🙂

This same BBQ pit needed a lot of little things and I spent most of Friday welding and fitting a lot of stuff including the bolt-action handle to keep the firebox door shut.  Works great.

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