Another little wagon

I love customizing these radio flyer wagons.  They’re small, sell for cheap on ebay, and turn out great for little ones when they start to walk.  This is number 7? I think I’ve done of this size.


Enjoy that Texas summer breeze

No, the Texas summer breeze is not a drink–not that I know of anyway.  I like sitting outside and soaking up even a little bit of breeze, but in the shade.  This latest project took about a month of here and there work.

It is super strong and all of the metal parts are powder coat painted.



Wall table

So what to do with extra slab of granite counter top sitting in the garage.  A functional drop-down table on the back of the garage.  In a nice shady spot and tall enough to where the dog can’t get to anything we set down.

I welded everything up from a bed frame and other steel I found.

I like straight cuts

I bought a used horizontal/vertical band saw.  These are the same units sold under many other brand names such as JET and Northern.  It cuts decent, but the stand that comes with it is a joke.  It’s flimsy sheet metal I can repurpose.

I welded some box steel and used the wheels, rubber stoppers, and shelf pan that came with the unit.  I made the height the same as my table saw for when I have long pieces that need to be cut and supported I use the table saw as a support.